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Fighting Bad Faith Insurance Claims

Insurance companies have every right to deny claims not covered by their policies. These insurers also have a right to deny claims when the insured does not uphold their end of the agreement. Even so, individuals often bring bad faith denial claims against insurance companies. While these claims are often frivolous and have no factual basis, they can cost you and your business a significant amount of time and money.

With offices in Oklahoma City, the attorneys at Hiltgen & Brewer, P.C., routinely defend insurance companies facing bad faith insurance claim allegations. We understand the costs to your business in fighting such lawsuits and claims. Our law firm has been providing knowledgeable representation and legal services for insurance companies across the country since 1996.

Establishing Defenses To Bad Faith Claims

Besides facing expensive and time-consuming litigation, accusations of bad faith can result in negative publicity for your company. It is therefore important to take immediate action when bad faith claims arise.

When representing your company during bad faith claims we will:

  • Research whether the applicable statutes of limitations prohibit such a lawsuit
  • Review the policy to determine whether the policy actually covers such a claim
  • Investigate whether the insured breached their own obligations pertaining to the insurance policy
  • Determine whether the policyholder failed to properly mitigate damages
  • Establish all available defenses to claims made against your company

It is our mission to defend your good name and reputation. When defending against bad faith claims, we will explore every possible legal avenue open to you. We promise to provide you cost-effective and results-driven legal services.

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