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Hiltgen & Brewer Cares About The Environment

In September, 2011, Hiltgen & Brewer, P.C., moved into its new office at 9505 North Kelley Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Hiltgen & Brewer law office incorporates an efficient building design with new, environmentally friendly and efficient equipment, paper recycling and “Green Cleaning”.

The law offices of Hiltgen & Brewer, include eco-friendly, long lasting, hi-efficiency lighting, variable speed, hi-efficiency heating and air handlers and the highest rated available insulation in roof, doors and window applications.

In its commitment to sustainability, Hiltgen & Brewer determined to use recycled paper goods throughout the office. Additionally, with vendor/partner eco7(http://eco7.info), Hiltgen & Brewer contracted for “green janitorial cleaning.” Hiltgen & Brewer believes that its commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly “green cleaning” will lessen the environmental impact of their business on the planet. As in all law firms, when attempting to go paperless, there remains a significant amount of paper products that are used for the business to run properly. In order to deal with paper products, Hiltgen & Brewer installed paper recycle bins throughout the office and has regularly scheduled shredding and recycling service for the paper products generated in the course of business. All of Hiltgen & Brewer’s restrooms and kitchen paper products are from recycled products.

Another benefit to partnering with eco7 is that Hiltgen & Brewer’s janitorial staff consists of refugees that have been forced from their homes and now reside in the Oklahoma City area. They are 100% committed to making new lives for themselves and their families in our City. eco7 provides a number of benefits and pay rates that are not typically available to refugees working in janitorial jobs. Most, if not all, of the refugees come from eco7’s cleaning staffing partner, the Spero Project (www.thesperoproject.com). The Spero Project focuses on assisting international refugees, marginalized women, foster care and adoption services. These people are legally documented, receive English lessons, driving lessons and the like to help them cope with daily living in the USA.

Hiltgen & Brewer is realizing great benefits from supporting eco7 and the Spero Project. Not only is Hiltgen & Brewer’s work place greener and cleaner but we have realized a wonderful relationship with our janitorial staff who, at this writing, are from Guatemala. We realize that taking care of our environment and the people in it is good not only for business but for all of us.