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Premises Liability Defense

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For big firm representation with a personal relationship and personal service. We treat you like you're our only client.

At Hiltgen & Brewer, P.C., we recognize there are legitimate bases for premises liability claims, and we also know when a business is being held up for an unjust claim settlement. Since 1996, our attorneys have helped hundreds of self-insured businesses avoid costly litigation and devastating damage awards in premises liability claims. We stand up to frivolous slip and fall injury lawyers, while keeping your legal budget in mind.

If your self-insured business has been named as a defendant, contact the premises liability defense firm of Hiltgen & Brewer, P.C., to meet with us about your defense today.

Premises Liability Insurance Coverage Defense

If your business is self-insured, and has been named as a defendant in a premises liability personal injury lawsuit, contact the premises liability defense firm of Hiltgen & Brewer, P.C., to schedule a consultation about the claim. We treat you like you're our only client.

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