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Representative Clients

Allstate Insurance Co.
American Agency System, Inc.
American Southern Insurance Company
Arkansas Best Corp.
Associated International Insurance Company
Associated Underwriters
Associates Insurance Co.
Atlas Van Lines
ATS Specialized, Inc.
Aventis Behring
Averitt Express
Belvedere Insurance Company, Ltd.
Bid-Well Corporation
Borden Construction, Inc.
Burlington Motor Carriers, Inc.
California Casualty Indemnity Exchange
California Casualty Insurance Company
California Casualty Management Company
Cannon Express Corporation
Claims Management, Inc.
Clarendon National Insurance Company
CMI Corporation
Colonial Freight Systems
Continental National Indemnity Company
Coronet Insurance Company
Crawford & Company
Deere & Co.
E&O Professionals
Essex Insurance Company
Express Personnel
Farmland Mutual Ins. Co.
Fireman's Fund
First American Insurance Company
Fulcrum Insurance Company
Gryphon Ins. Group
Hallmark Management
Harco National Insurance Company
Haskell Lemon Construction Company
Home Depot U.S.A., Inc.
Hormel Foods
Hunton Oil & Gas Co.
IBP, Inc.
I.C. Corporation
Inca Metal Products Corporation
Johnson Ross Corporation
Kemper Insurance Company
Lexington Insurance Company
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Load King Trailers
Markel West, Inc.
Midlands Claim Administrators, Inc.
Midlands Management Corp.
Millers Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
M.S. Carriers, Inc.
National Food Processors Association
Nestle USA, Inc.
Campbell Soup Co.
Oklahoma State Ins. Fund
Pepperidge Farms
National Transportation Adjusters
PBX, Inc.
Perry Enterprises, Inc.
Phillips Petroleum Co.
Starkist Tuna
Reliance Insurance Company
Rhone Poulenc Company
Robertson Transportation Services
Ruan Leasing Company
Service Master
St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co.
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins.
Terex Corporation
Titan Indemnity Co. (St. Paul)
Tracker Marine
Tri-Star Risk Management
Tyson Foods, Inc.
Underwriters at Lloyd's
Unit Drilling
United Safety & Claims
Westport Insurance Corp.
Willis Administrative Services
W.E. Love & Associates
Workmed Benefit Services Corp.

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