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Hiltgen & Brewer P.C. Diversity Commitment

Diversity is at the core of Hiltgen & Brewer P.C. and has been since the founding of the Firm. Hiltgen & Brewer began and remains a partially minority owned law firm. Since its inception, efforts have been made to recruit, mentor and promote diverse Attorneys and Staff.

Hiltgen & Brewer P.C. actively staffs its litigation teams with diverse lawyers. As with its global view of young lawyers, H&B makes every effort to develop young diverse Lawyers in their professional career as Litigators. H&B recognized early on the need to have flexible work schedules for Attorneys with small children, medical care issues and other considerations.

Hiltgen & Brewer P.C. supported industry wide efforts to advance diversity in law firms. H&B has sponsored the DRI Diversity Seminar and the DRI Women in the Law Seminar. H&B also sends its Attorneys to these events. H&B Attorneys are also members of the ABA Minority Counsel Committee.

Hiltgen & Brewer P.C. is a charter member of the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity. H&B also supports the Minority Corporate Counsel Association and local and state Bar Diversity projects. H&B's commitment to diversity begins with the individual but does not end there.

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